I was interested to see Lisa Palm’s recommendation to eat at Maxo’s at Podšpilje – see here.

This is classified as an Agroturizam restaurant, meaning that they are supposed to serve only food and drink they have grown, reared or caught themselves (so it’s no good asking for beer!). They all tend to offer a simple menu based round either the open grill or peka (a sort of pot roast of meat, fish or octopus cooked with vegetables together under a ‘bell’ with the fire on top), with delicious salads, antipasta, etc.

Maxo’s restaurant, © SKivela

In our experience they offer a much better culinary experience than most of the, supposedly, more sophisticated quay-side restaurants in Vis, Kut and Komiža, though their wine can be a bit hit-and-miss. They are all situated either inland, or in remoter bays or islands, but many provide a free taxi service so getting to and fro is rarely a problem.

Our current favourite is Magica, above Stoncica bay. Last year their wine was much more drinkable than some of the others, and of course it is much cheaper than the bottled wine served at quay-side restaurants. Magica also have a wine outlet in Vis harbour, next to where Medo hires his bicycles.

It sounds as if we shall have to try Maxo’s as soon as we return in May.