On your way to Vis, don’t miss Split. It is a busy, thriving city with good restaurants & places to stay and at least 25 interesting things to see – read on!

Total Croatia News looks at the booming Dalmatian capital of Split on February 3, 2016 through the eyes of a man whose passion for his home city is unparalleled. Ivica Profaca, once their main contributor on Total Split, is these days a very engaging tour guide whose walking tours of Split have already achieved considerable acclaim.

  1. How did Split get its name?
  2. City founded by a Roman Emperor. Beat that!
  3. The oldest Cathedral in the world
  4. Diocletian’s Palace substructures – heritage preserved by the human waste
  5. The Sphynxes of Split
  6. Eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites within two hours of Split
  7. A rare painting of Prophet Mohamed
  8. City with 2,000 years of Jewish presence
  9. The place where the last legal Roman emperor was killed
  10. “The most beautiful place on Earth” as a foundation of urban spirit
  11. Marjan hill and forest park with its churches – recreation of body and spirit
  12. Football club with a glorious history, and semi-religious status
  13. Miniature church of St. Martin built inside the Diocletian’s Palace wall
  14. From swimming to hiking in only minutes
  15. Markets filled with flavours and colours
  16. Water from the Diocletian’s aquaduct vs. bottled water
  17. Home of Ultra Europe Festival
  18. Morpurgo, the third oldest bookstore in Europe
  19. Picigin
  20. The city with the most Olympic medal winners per capita
  21. Countless coffee varieties and rituals
  22. Gregory of Nin’s toe as one of European Top 10 lucky charms
  23. Dubrovnik may be King’s Landing, but Split is Mereen and Braavos
  24. City where nobody calls its squares by its real names
  25. The world’s first chocolate record and biggest chocolate square