Nick Harrison of the Torygraph enjoyed his trip to Split last year and his September article provides a very small taster of what Split has to offer. But Split is much more than a walk around the bloodthirsty Roman Emperor Diocletian's palace and a cappuccino on their magnificent Riva (waterfront promenade).

For those that like art Split Art Gallery is well worth visit. It has a fine selection of works from the Renaissance through to the present day and an easy walk from the Riva through the narrow Roman streets and out through the city wall.

A find off the beaten track (but still walking distance from the Riva) is the Croatian Maritime Museum. Though chronically underfunded (not even a proper website) it has two fascinating displays of Croatia's  rich maritime history. The torpedo was invented by a Croatian and you will see it in their military display. Their commercial display charts the evolution of their sophisticated shipbuilding industry. And of course there are lots of models!